I am excited to further my knowledge in creating my online presence.  I already learned certain SEO techniques for other businesses I have.  My exciting new venture will be podcasting.  I can link you to my Twitter, possibly get a book going and a dialogue.

I love writing but I also love speaking, to an audience seen and unseen.  I used to teach middle school students and adults at one point and I enjoy that, without all the paperwork.  My favorite part of speaking is when sharing happens on both sides, and parties are introduced to new ideas.  I have opened my mind over the years, even when I thought it couldn’t be more open.

I believe we all have out lessons and through challenges we learn.  Believe it or not, my biggest issues were about trying to be too healthy and self-disciplined.  I have met people who know how to Live it up! too well.  I have tried many extremes, and found a happy medium in that area I feel for now. There  are lots of opportunities for more I’m sure, and I welcome the new experiences that come my way.

That is why I love the erotic arena.  The taboo nature, (especially in North America) is welcome at times because the topics that are exciting are spoken about by those who are courageous and dabbling in exciting new experiences.

See you soon online even more!

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  • John
    October 16, 2018 - 3:19 am ·

    Hi Star!
    I love your blog! I just sort of stumbled upon it by accident and I’m glad I did- some things happen fora reason!
    I like your notion of finding a “happy medium” as opposed to living at the extremes. Your thoughts mirror what the Ancient Greeks discovered as certain movements during that time tried to find a way to “maximize pleasure.” They eventually realized that moderation was the way to do that- you are standing on the shoulders of giants when you espouse moderation!
    I think it’s cool that you did some teaching at the middle-school and adult level. I count myself among those who could use some continuing education in that realm. That’s why I wanted to find out of you’ve gotten your podcast off the ground yet. I’d love to hear you discuss sexual topics in your own voice! If you can- please let me know!
    I live in New Mexico, but grew up in New Jersey. I absolutely love Virginia and worked off and on for a while at Langley AFB. I took a few trips up the peninsula toward Richmond and found it to be a very restorative place for me. I would love to explore that area again… maybe I will!
    And if I find myself in that area, I would surely look you up. And I’ll keep an eye out for any trips you may make to my neck of the woods.
    Love to you and good luck in all you do!

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