I find it interesting how the climate is scattered now that our number one bay area site RB went down.  I feel for clients who do not know where to search but I also feel for us providers since a direct window to being visible is important for success.

There’s the time honored TER (the erotic review), which may not seem user friendly but has staying power, probably a necessary membership if you are into this world.  I do enjoy P411 (preferred411) and use it regularly. Another site to watch which has lovely pictures and framework is EveGrey.  I believe this site will do well.  Very user friendly for us, has a review forum and a great moderator who personally takes care of things.  There are others (like Eros-guide), but I do not plan to pay for advertising as much, but rather use SEO smarts and the power of intention to create the following that I am seeking now, for a synchronistic effect.

That’s that for plugs, now lets get to what is going on out there in the bay area?  I am in a period of flux right now as I get another business in my healing and bodywork off the ground, and deal with family matters. There has always been a degree of fear on both sides, as the women are in a vulnerable position, and so are clients.  I hope to promote the positive potential of the healing power of the sexual realm and see an abundance of interraction with partners in the important area of intimacy at all times. With the use of the reference system, some basic honest information, perhaps a coffee get together, and just plain intuition,  good connections are made.  I am grateful for my existing clients and I will keep in touch of course, on my newsletter or via text when I have incall.

That’s all for now.  Just putting all this out there.  Contemplating my own energetic magnetism in the past few months as well. Being available mentally and physically can be a challenge when traveling and beginning new projects.  Check in for the evolution of my work here and the times when we are able to steal beautiful moments.

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