I have not been completely affected by this issue yet, because I do not prefer to advertise on certain sites that actually receive a great deal of traffic.  Many of my colleagues, mentors and dear friends in the Sexual healing arts are certainly frustrated right now.  There are drastic measures being taken, from using Bitcoin to free postings, to a consideration of the organization of a general boycott of these payment methods in a vast array of services.  It is not prudent for a financial institution to righteously prevent someone’s livelihood, by being in a position of power, with a sad lack of empathy, understanding, and full picture.

To state that the reasoning is to stop human trafficking is too easy.  For the percentage that may be in such a bind, the overwhelming majority in my community and circles are completely consenting, loving, nurturing women, with a passion to assist, heal and change old patterns of repression and oppression.  These women would gladly help those who are seeking refuge from a trafficking situation if they knew their lives would not be completely ruined for ‘aiding and abetting’ when that is the furthest from what they would be doing.

If you find yourself reading this blog and you are a consumer of anything, just  think about the momentum of the slippery slope.  You may feel in agreement with MasterCard for disallowing payment on Sites of a sexual nature, but please keep in mind that with that win, the power of righteousness gained with propel such a company into other areas of personal freedoms, to decide what will and what will not flourish.  The thing about sex work is that risk has been taken already for centuries, to fight for personal freedom, highlighting many of the serious issues with a society completely powerless and repressed, and it is generally so misunderstood that many will consider it a matter completely isolated from their lives.  Remember that mindset is mainly in North America, and remember where our ancestors came from – not the original Native Americans.

I urge more people to stand for a new common language when speaking about sex work, that does not include human trafficking immediately, or any of the sentiments of anger, sadness, pity or shame. There is certainly a problem of human trafficking I will not deny, but please remember that like many other things, this cannot be lumped in one category, as a method of stifling other healthy activities. If you are considering decriminalization, as many of us women are, then just ask how you can help.  When an open dialogue ensues and the threat of speaking, helping or being open and honest is lifted, many successful results will follow in my opinion.

Unless the repression is so real, that a world with sexual freedom is too frightening and the current happenings are easy to justify.  Look to yourself and find what is your stance, as sexuality and freedom affect us all.

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